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Pottoka arraza berreskuratu eta sustatzeko Gipuzkoako Pottokazale Elkartea

Logo Gipuzkoa

Gipuzkoa's Pottoka Association

With the goal to united the work done by different breeders of the Pottoka Stock and it's recuperation, in 1998 the POTTOKA ARRAZA BERRESKURATU ETA SUSTATZEKO GIPUZKOAKO POTTOKAZALE ELKARTEA was founded. (From now on the G.P.E.)

The first goal was to united in the association all the Pottoka breeders that were working with Pottokas in Gipuzkoa, since the breed was in a poor state. This goal aimed at uniting the efforts to recuperate, as can be seen in the FAQ of 1996 where the Pottokas were listed as an endangered species.

G.P.E. was founded as a non profitable association with the aim to select, improve, defend and study the Pottoka breed. In accordance with the breed approved standard, by the Order 3192, from June 7, 1996 of the Basque Government, recuperation began through the qualification rounds of individuals. In this rounds organized by the Association different individual measurements were gather and the breeds characteristics were evaluated. Also, by this program blood and hair samples where taken, thus having a genetic data bank of over 600 individuals. This information is being used to determine the origin and purity of the breed.

There are different activities for the development of G.P.E., like: the assistance to different fairs and morphological contest, design and management of the Stud book, rearing control, aid management, and organization of qualification rounds.
Also, we must emphasize the collaboration of the Association with the (Public) Administrations to recuperate the breed by agreements and contest organization.


Looking ahead, G.P.E. is working in various projects to obtain an added value for the individuals of the breed that will allow for the breed to continue. This projects range from equitation to individuals dedicated to clean the mountains grass by pasturing: two fields in which this breed excels due to its rough country characteristics and behaviour.

Today (2008) the association has 80 members among which 600 individuals over 3 years old are certified according with the racial standard.


Joan XXIII, 16B
Zip code:
Contact Person:
Mirari Inza
943 08 38 91
Bizkaiko pottoka Gipuzkoako pottokazaleen elkartea Arabako Pottoka Elkartea

Joan XXIII, 16B - 20730 AZPEITIA(GIPUZKOA) - Tel.: 943 08 38 88 - info@pottoka.info

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