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Bizkai Pottoka Association

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The Bizkaia Pottoka Association is a non profit association. Founded the 20th of March 1988 and is present in Bizkaia .
In 2008 the association had 24 members.

The Association goals and activities are the following:

  • To promote the breed purity and selection
  • To use and promote the best means to make the associates facilities more productive and profitable
  • To study, coordinate, and direct the proper and betterment of the breed stud book.
  • To study, guide, and direct the morphological classification in accordance with the breed prototypes, rate by type and regulations in the breeders contents.
  • To organize the trade of Pottoka's guaranteeing an adequate mount according to the activities of the majority of riders, selecting studs that, by their physical and psychological dispositions, may be considered as the best choice for reproduction, guaranteeing the sanitary conditions in forced.


Bº Garaioltza
Zip code:
Contact Person:
Ainhoa Egia
94 455 50 63
Bizkaiko pottoka Gipuzkoako pottokazaleen elkartea Arabako Pottoka Elkartea

Joan XXIII, 16B - 20730 AZPEITIA(GIPUZKOA) - Tel.: 943 08 38 88 - info@pottoka.info

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