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Logo EPOFEThe Basque Federation for the Poney Breed Pottoka from Euskadi (E.PO.FE)/
"La Federación de Criadores de Poney Vasco de Raza Pottoka de Euskadi (E.PO.FE.) / Euskadiko Pottokazaleen Federazioa ( E.PO.FE.)" is a Federation newly created in 2004. The Federation holds the three Territorial Associations in the Basque Country (Euskadi).

The Federation is constituted by:

  • Guipuzkoa's Pottoka Association
  • The Bizkai Ponie Pottoka Breeders Association
  • The Alava Association of Breeders of Pottoka Horses

The Federation activities are held within the Autonomous Basque Community.

It represents some 112 breeders distributed all over the Autonomous Basque Community that dedicate themselves to the betterment and conservation of a breed that is in danger of becoming extinct.

By the 31 of December 2012 the association had the following members:

  • Araba: 6 members and 47 qualified mares and 4 qualified stallions
  • Bizkaia: 31 members and 158 qualified mares and 24 qualified stallions
  • Gipuzkoa: 75 members and 526 qualified mares and 57 qualified stallions
  • Total: 112 members and 816 Pottoka qualified for reproduction.

EPOFE Executive Commission

  • President : ALEJANDRO ASPIZUA (Bi)
  • Vice president: NARCISO ARRILLAGA (Gi)
  • Secretary: TEO FERNANDEZ DE MEABE (Ar)
  • Treasurer : JOSE JAVIER ORMAZABAL (Gi)
  • Board Member:
    • - MIKEL IRAETA (Gi)
    • - JON ALBERDI (Bi)
    • - PEDRO LANA (Bi)


Sumarie of Services

  • Assistance for aids management with Public Institutions
  • Collaborations with Public Institutions
  • Modification of the Breed Standards to be published
  • Study of the Linear Morphological Qualification
  • Design of software for the keeping and management of the Stud Book
  • Genetic DNA y Alazán gen with the UPV/EHU University
  • Board for Admission and Qualification
  • Relationship with other associations
  • Web site
  • Collaborations with Euskal Abereak
  • First Contest for the Pottoka Breed (Morphological and Aptitude)
  • These activities are the result from the plan the Federation drew in its constitution.

These goals are the following:

  • To foster the breeding, selection and improvement of the Pottoka breed.
  • The representation, defence and promotion of the interests of the Pottoka Breed that are common to all the Associations affiliated to the Federation.
  • To defend and look after the interest and legal rights of the affiliated members, and to obtain the representation for all diligences with Public Institutions or Private Entities.
  • To help with all possible means to have better productivity levels and yield of all the exploitations.
  • The management of all the common interest of all the affiliated organizations.
  • To contact and collaborate with all other organizations in Spain or abroad that share the same goals, as to establish relationships and cooperation agreements that are consider of interest.
  • To offer Public Institutions with ideas, actions, reforms, in any field regarding the benefit of the Pottoka breed.
  • To foster, award, and to develop any kind of service that would help improve the Pottoka breed.
  • To study, guide, coordinate and collaborate in the functioning and improvement of the Genealogic Book of the Pottka breed.


  • E.PO.FE
    • Joan XXIII,16B- 20730 Azpeitia (GIPUZKOA)
    • Phone: 0034 943 08 38 88 Fax: 943 08 38 89
    • E-mail: info@pottoka.info




Bizkaiko pottoka Gipuzkoako pottokazaleen elkartea Arabako Pottoka Elkartea

Joan XXIII, 16B - 20730 AZPEITIA(GIPUZKOA) - Tel.: 943 08 38 88 - info@pottoka.info

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